Click the following links to install menus popped by long pressing the bookmark button (with star as icon):

Wait for network msg

Certificate info

Backup to

Restore from

upload to

More webdav link menu items

Web fullscreen

Long pressing the bookmark button in uweb browser will popup menus defined in file "". The file format is as follows:
[Menu name]:[url][space][javascript code]

in which space and later parts are optional. url and later parts support "%u","%s" etc.. The javascript code will be executed after url is fully loaded.

url supports all standard scheme (http(s):,javascript: etc.) and uweb internal schemes ( ':' as second character in the url ) and special links that begins with ':'.

uweb browser will handle local file urls (file:///) specially for some file types:

default.gesture and default.button have the exactly same file format. ".gesture" files define gestures while ".button" define bottom toolbar button pressing actions from the last button to the first.

proxy config:
httpproxy::010[proxy host]:[port]
socks5::011[socks host]:[port]